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interior renovation

Whether you are looking for  interior designers to renovate your home or you require a full building refurbishment, our team of professionals will deliver the home of your dreams.

Leave it to us, we will manage the entire project and  discuss the plan details with you.
You can enjoy your free time while we work on creating your home.

Whatever your project is: home renovation,  apartment renovation,  first home renovation or  refurbishment of an office or commercial premises.

We manage the workforce, deal with the bureaucracy, keep an eye on the budget, and make sure the deadlines are met.
We also offer advice on renovation and refurbishing mortgages, financing plans and funds.
We guarantee the provision of  general-contractor services.

Consultants for refurbishments and home, office, and shop renovations.

Our team of renovation professionals  is always available to give you advice on bespoke solutions  that meet your specific needs.
We use the latest technology (render, virtual tour) to show you beforehand how your home, office, or shop floor, will look like.
Creativity combined with research and training, to be always able to meet your legitimately high expectations.
We will define spending limits together and will present you with the best solutions to deliver within budget.

A good home renovation project is not just about results, it is also about processes… starting from advice. Arredolinea offers comprehensive consulting services aimed at translating your desires into the best furnishing solutions, balancing needs and competences, taste and functionality, objectives and available space.

living renovation
renovation of living room

Planning of renovating your home?

Planning  a refurbishment means perceiving customers’ tastes, aspirations, and needs, and creating concrete, exclusive, and personalised solutions. The secret behind the success of our projects is the ability of our home interior architecture professionals to fully understand wants and needs and put forward proposals, with no obligation, while constantly dialoguing with customers.

A winning team to renovate your home

Forty years of experience have allowed us to select the best renovation and refurbishing professionals available. Not just interior designers but also architects, engineers, heating technicians, and surveyors, to offer comprehensive solutions and manage all the complicated stages of a home renovation project.

Our team is formed by engineers, electricians, bricklayers, plumbers, window and door fitters, plasterers, blacksmiths, carpenters, upholsterers, wood floor fitters, gardeners, swimming pool installers, and many other professional figures who play their part in home renovations.

renovation of living room
kitchen renovation

Renovation bonus and Superbonus 110%

There are many building renovation bonuses and home renovation bonuses provided for in the 2021 Budget Law: 2021 home renovation bonus, furniture and household appliances bonus, 110% Superbonus, seismbonus, ecobonus, green bonus and the facade bonus.

Our consultants will be able to guide you through all these renovation deductions, saving you money and time.

In addition to extending all the bonuses already available in 2020, the 2021 Bonus Casa also includes the green bonus for gardens, terraces and balconies to upgrade urban greenery. It also reconfirmed the tax deductions for furniture and household appliances by increasing the deductible ceiling to €16,000, which can be claimed for the purchase of home furnishings linked to a renovation.

Then there are all the deductions for renovation linked to the energy efficiency of a building: 110% Superbonus, bonuses for the purchase of windows and doors, solar screens, winter air conditioning systems with condensation and biomass boilers.

The Bonus Facciate (Bonus Facade) has also been renewed this year, providing an IRPEF deduction of up to 90% of the expenditure incurred for the renovation of exteriors.

110% Superbonus

The 110% Superbonus is a benefit provided by the “Decreto Rilancio” (Relaunch Decree) which raises to 110% the deduction rate for expenses incurred from 1 July 2020 to 30 June 2022, for specific energy efficiency interventions, anti-seismic interventions, installation of photovoltaic systems or infrastructures for recharging electric vehicles in buildings.

The new decree provides a 110% deduction, even higher than the expenses incurred, giving a strong boost to the renovation market for works that make buildings more energy efficient and safer against seismic risk. Now is the perfect time to renovate your home!

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